Optimizing the post-production lifecycle of ammunition, from loading and unloading to packaging.


Rapid/Emergency Reloading
Facilitates fast reloading in emergency situations.

Time and User Management
Enables one user to load magazines for larger groups, optimizing time and personnel management.

Readiness in Defensive Positions
Enhances readiness in high-tension defensive positions.

Motor Skills Optimization
Emphasizes gross motor movements over fine motor skills for more efficient reloading.

Vehicle Integration
Capability to be mounted in tactical vehicles for offensive operations.


Ammunition Control
Improved management and control over ammunition use and storage.

Increased Training Efficiency
More time dedicated to training with less time spend on loading, enhancing range productivity.

Waste Reduction
Minimizes ammunition and packaging waste.

Efficient Unloading System
A quick and efficient system for unloading post-training sessions.


Bulk Ammo Purchase and Stocking
Purchase ammunition in bulk (unclipped) and replenish your stock by loading REUs.

Fast Reloading
Allows for more shooting time and less time spend on reloading at the range.

Easy and efficient access to ammunition
gravity fed system


Ammunition Management Technologies is a Company dedicated to optimize the post-production lifecycle of small caliber ammunition, from loading and unloading to packaging. Our mission is to enhance efficiency, speed and sustainability in the ammunition industry while supporting defense, law enforcement and sports shooting communities.